Thursday, February 28, 2013

What im wearing on my face ... February !

Ok so I know we only have about half an hour left of February but I thought I would post a "what im wearing on my face" blog for this month as im sure by the time March comes along I will have tried a load of new products!

So lets start with the foundation! I am using Rimmels Lasting Finish foundation in shade 201. I have been using this product for well over a year and love it! It really does do what it says on the bottle! last all day and gives a even coverage! I really would recommend this. This product can vary in price from around £6.00 to £8.99 as usually alot of Rimmel products are on offer in Boots.

Now moving on to my eyes and eye liners that I am using. I usually apply a pencil eye liner to the top and bottom of my eyelid, I am using yet again another Rimmel product the Rimmel Soft Kohl eye liner pencil, I only have to apply it once a day and find it doesn't leave dark smudge marks around your eyes. On the top of my eyelid I will use Rimmel Glam Eyes Liquid eye liner in shade midnight black. I like to have a defined liquid eye liner along my eyelid to give my eye a more of a defined look.

On my eyelashes this month I have been using a AWESOME mascara, It is the "There Real" Mascara from Benefit. Its quite an expensive mascara costing £18.99 but it is totally worth it, within a few brushes across my eyelashes you can see the difference in length and volume. Im rather lucky and have pretty long eyelashes anyway so this product totally opens my eyes up and gives me the fluttery lashes I want! I have received quite a few compliments when wearing this mascara, with people asking if im wearing falsies, but I can proudly say no there all mine! I would totally recommend anyone who is looking for a new mascara and doesn't mind spending a bit more money than your average mascara would cost to rush out a get one. 

Now for my cheeks! This month I have been using a highlighter I have for quite a while but never used it. I got it free with some perfume I bought (Britney Spears - Curious) and when I tried it I was really impressed. I use it on the top of my cheek bones and for a added bonus it it scented! - wouldn't have a clue where to go out and buy it from now though as I got it for a gift with the perfume! The blusher I am using is ELF Pink Blush I got this when I purchased a few eye shadows last month and for a cheap blusher it has done the job and lasted quite well. I think it only cost about £2.99 so was definitely a bargain! When it comes to purchasing a new blusher though I will have a scout around and  see what else is out there for me to try! I would then usually apply Vaseline Cocoa butter onto my lips throughout the day to keep them smooth and moisturised. 

Well that's about it for my everyday make-up post! 

India xo

My Bush Tucker Trial Experience!

I know a funny way to start a blog, but back in September 2012 I got choose to be part of the Miss South Lakes first ever final! to say I was excited was a understatement! Part of the competition was to raise money for The Children's Variety Club and somehow (under the influence of my crazy boyfriend) I decided I would carry out a bush tucker trial! Not long after the news of my bush tucker trial appeared in the local newspaper I got a phone call from The Bay Radio asking if I wanted to do my trial LIVE on the radio! I really did feel honoured to be asked to go to their studio and complete my crazy fundraising idea! 

The bugs I was going to attempt to eat were grasshoppers, crickets, weaver ants, grubs (which were one of the more sickening ones) and scorpions! - may I just add that I did not just wonder into the wilderness and snatch these creatures from there homes, it was all bought from a proper bug eating website! I felt like such a celebrity sat in the studio all head phoned up with my massive microphone! and with the help off all the presenters I managed to eat all of these "lovely" bugs below! 

When the final of the competition finally approached I was so nervous but met so many lovely girls along the way and we all just had such a laugh you even forget its a competition - may I add getting all dressed up and pampered was a added bonus to whole experience! I managed to raise over £1000 for charity and I won the Charity Miss South Lakes 2012 and came third in the overall competition! WOW!

I'm not the sort of person that would usually go ahead and compete in something like this (I always wanted too but never actually had the guts to go and do it) so I really would recommend this to anyone wanting to try something new! I took the jump and look how far I came!  This is not something I would usually put on my blog but I had such an amazing time doing this I wanted to share it with everyone! 

Let me know if you have ever done anything like this or thought about it? and would you be able to eat all those nasty bugs?

Thanks for reading guys


Monday, February 25, 2013

Trusty tangle teezer

So carrying on with the hair theme I have decided to blog about a fairly new member of my hair care routine.... My trusty tangle teezer! I had read a lot of reviews about this brush but it never seemed to appeal to me, it wasn't until I was reading a post and the person had extremely long hair and she said the only way to stop it from breaking and keeping it it tip top condition was by using a tangle teezer! So about two weeks ago I decided I would pop down to boots and purchase one! I was looking for the purple glitter one but they had all sold out (goes to show how popular they are) and they only had the compact travel ones left in bright pink! I wanted one that much I just went ahead a bought it. The tangle teezer cost £12.49 which I think it quite pricey for a hair brush but its totally worth it!

With mine being the compact travel one it comes with a clip on front which I think is really useful as it protects the bristles when it's in your bag and to be honest when I come to replacing mine along the line I will go for the same style!

Just imagine you come out of the shower and have a matted tangled mess on your head and are not looking forward to the next ten minutes you are going to spend untangling your wet hair (may I mention your hair is more prone to breakages when wet), well with the tangle teezer it will easily glide through your hair and not pull at your head causing you pain. It has soft bendy bristles that grip to your hair and when used on your hair dry leaves it feeling silky soft! I would give this product 10/10 and will definitely be buying again.

If your interested in buying this product I got mine from here

Thanks for reading xo

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Lee Stafford hair growth shampoo and conditioner

So after about two years I have decided to finally bite the bullet and create a blog about makeup, fashion and my all time fave... hair products! Lately I have really gotten into trying out new hair products as I'm on a bit of a hair growing mission, so I thought it would be rather suitable to write my first blog about Lee Stafford's hair growth shampoo and conditioner!

I was really intrigued after reading a few different reviews on this product so decided to go to boots and purchase it on the 3 for 2. The shampoo and conditioner smells lovely (like all of his products) and leaves a long lasting smell in your hair and I must say I have noticed a difference in the condition especially on the ends. I wouldn't say it's a miracle worker and you'll wake up looking like rapunzel but it does definitely improve the quality of your hair meaning in the long term it will grow quicker.

The only downside to this shampoo and conditioner is that when the shampoo is put on it doesn't lather up as well as other shampoos and leaves your head feeling quite dry meaning you have to use more shampoo than expected. I also noticed my hair was a little more tangled than usual when I came to brush it (but my trusty tangle teezer sorted that out). Overall I would say this is a good shampoo and conditioner and has really improved the quality of my hair! I would definitely buy again!!


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