Monday, February 25, 2013

Trusty tangle teezer

So carrying on with the hair theme I have decided to blog about a fairly new member of my hair care routine.... My trusty tangle teezer! I had read a lot of reviews about this brush but it never seemed to appeal to me, it wasn't until I was reading a post and the person had extremely long hair and she said the only way to stop it from breaking and keeping it it tip top condition was by using a tangle teezer! So about two weeks ago I decided I would pop down to boots and purchase one! I was looking for the purple glitter one but they had all sold out (goes to show how popular they are) and they only had the compact travel ones left in bright pink! I wanted one that much I just went ahead a bought it. The tangle teezer cost £12.49 which I think it quite pricey for a hair brush but its totally worth it!

With mine being the compact travel one it comes with a clip on front which I think is really useful as it protects the bristles when it's in your bag and to be honest when I come to replacing mine along the line I will go for the same style!

Just imagine you come out of the shower and have a matted tangled mess on your head and are not looking forward to the next ten minutes you are going to spend untangling your wet hair (may I mention your hair is more prone to breakages when wet), well with the tangle teezer it will easily glide through your hair and not pull at your head causing you pain. It has soft bendy bristles that grip to your hair and when used on your hair dry leaves it feeling silky soft! I would give this product 10/10 and will definitely be buying again.

If your interested in buying this product I got mine from here

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