Monday, April 1, 2013

Cath Kidston crazy!

Hi everyone!

So this weekend I went to Liverpool! Yay! I was extremely unkind to my bank balance and bought loads including two new Michael Kors bags! Oops I think I have a serious obsession!

One of the things I bought was a Cath Kidston toiletry bag, I have been after one of these beauty's for quite a while now as I am always carrying my hair products back and forth from my boyfriends in a carrier bag - not cool! I could of easily bought one of these of the Internet but I can never get a good judge of size so wanted to go into the shop myself and have a good nosey at all of the different options!

I am so happy with my choice as it fits all of my toiletries in and has a cute zip pouch on the front which I think is ideal for storing bobbles and hair clips! It also has a waterproof inside which will easily wipe clean! I honestly think it was a steal at £18.

I am a bit Cath Kidston bally mad at the moment and also bought a awesome pair of high tops which cost me £26 and today I ordered a phone case which I cannot wait to arrive as my ted baker is getting a little battered around the edges!

Thanks for reading

Love India xx


  1. I love this bag! Ugh, the Cath Kidston line with it's florals are seriously so adorable(:


  2. Wow I didnt know that cath kidston did shoes too! Love their floral designs :) x

  3. Love cath kidston things! They are having a sale online and I will have to get some bits :)

  4. love those shoes! lovely blog hun xx