Monday, March 25, 2013

Where have I been?

Hello everyone!

Talk about neglecting my blog - to tell you the truth I am skint so haven't really been able to go on any beauty buys so iv sadly not really had much to share with all of you beautiful people! but do not fear it is pay day on Thursday and my shopping trip to Liverpool on Saturday so lots of money will be spent and that means lots of things to review! So I may aswell tell you what I have been up to in my week of absence! 

I bought the Babyliss Boutique soft waves iron! I have been searching for a large barrel curling wand for ages now - one that will give really loose waves and read a few reviews about the boutique waver so I purchased it on Ebay (brand new for a much cheaper price) I think it cost me £18.00 including postage so I am very very excited for this to arrive and to try it out!

I bought a few turtle necked pieces of clothing. The first piece was a ribbed turtle neck black crop top! I have had my eye on these for a while now and saw one on boohoo's website for £8.00 which was such a bargain! It arrived today and will look lovely with high waisted pants or a skirt! I also bought a purple high necked bodycon dress from boohoo for £10.00. Sadly I am sending this item back as it just didn't look right once on (looked perfect on the model though of course) It was a really funny length - wasn't a midi dress length but also wasn't a normal length dress it was that awkward in between length. I am now still on the hunt for a new dress anyone recommend a good clothes site?

I listed some vintage style heels on eBay! I bought these for my mums wedding last year (she had a 1940's themed wedding) They fit ok on the day but when I went to wear them again they were just far too big for me. (small feet don't judge haha) The reason I decided to sell these on Ebay is because they cost me £40 and I wore them once so I thought I may aswell try and get my moneys worth. You can view the shoes here 

So I know you might be thinking I thought you were skint but you bought all this? haha well I am but ordered this last week so am sat here twiddling my thumbs waiting for it all to arrive 

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  1. Oooh those are pretty items you ordered, I especially like the shoes!