Thursday, March 14, 2013

I am searching for a Bloglovin / Google follower genius!

Howdy all!

*Warning confusion may follow*

So I have heard it through the grape line that from the 1st July google followers is going to be no more! .... So basically everytime I get a new lovely member to my blog and did a little excited dance didnt really mean anything :( I am hoping some genius will be able to give me a clear understanding of the change as I am new to all of this malarkey and to put it bluntly I am the brightest crayon in the pack with regards to technology! - I know I know your all thinking take a chill its no biggie so I thought I would put a few questions which a few of you's can hopefully answer! 

1. When I see a blog I want to follow, do I just follow it from the bloglovin page instead of clicking on the "join this site" button on blogger?

2. Is bloglovin going to me used as the new central of blogs?

3. How do I get a bloglovin followers thingy on my blog?

4. Will I basically just be using blogger for creating posts and editing my blog?

5. When someone comments on my post will it still go through to my google mail address? As my bloglovin address is set up to yahoo? - I know silly right, why didnt I just use the same one 

Ok so I could babble on for alot longer but think 5 questions will suffice for now! 

Thanks in advance


  1. Yep is no1, not too sure about number two, but bloglovin you can transfer all your google reader stuff over, so when you log in you can see all the blogs your a member of too on the start page.

    Followers to bloglovin come from people on the blog clicking the "follow this blog with bloglovin'" and also current bloglovin members who come across the blog

    Google blogspot is still going to be here I think, just the member list and list of blogs that come at the start of your log in will go. So you can still create and edit blogs via blogspot

    and Im not quite sure on the comments, Its all really confusing, I hate Google for doing this :( just when everyone was getting used to it.

    Hope I helped though xx

  2. Hi doll, em not so sure how you know who is following you on the bloglovin but if you lick the little drop down at the top of your page and it says "myblog" it will show you how many members you have

    I hate this change very much, this was so much simpler xx

  3. I'm not sure about everything but I followed you on Bloglovin and GFC! (: Can't lose your blog.


  4. I just follow on both GFC and Bloglovin' to be safe! haha
    Would you like to follow each other? If so, let me know. :)

    My Blog, Crystal's Beauty Corner

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