Monday, March 4, 2013

Lee Stafford hair growth treatment

So another blog about my hair care regime! My wonderful hair growth treatment by Lee Stafford! I know I said I wasn't 100% satisfied with the shampoo and conditioner from the hair care range but the deep treatment conditioner is a different story! It smells awesome and is really good for my hair!

I would usually use this about twice a week after shampooing and leave it on for about 20-30 minutes then wash it off.
It is a lovely light pink colour and you don't need to use a lot for full and even coverage - I bought this treatment at the beginning of February and I'm not even half way through the tub yet. This deep treatment condition cost me £7.99 and I got it on the 3 for 2 offer at boots - which sadly isn't on at the moment but its a regular deal that they do.

After blow drying my hair the treatment leaves my hair feeling cashmere soft and as soon as I run out I am definitely running out and buying a new tub! After starting to pay real attention to my hair since the beginning of this year I really have noticed a difference in the quality of my hair and that's all down to me invested in a few good hair care products!

Thanks for reading

India xo


  1. This looks really nice and I've never heard of it! Will have to check this one out! I'm currently loving my macadamia deep conditioner hair mask :] Thanks for stopping by- great blog!

    1. Yeah I really like it! I have heard a lot of good reviews about the macadamia products so will definitely have to try them!

      Love India xx

  2. YAY we both love beauty and makeup!

    I am totally obsessed with the Lee Stafford Dry Shampoo. Changed my life! Hahaha

    I have a YouTube beauty channel too - check it out if you like :)

  3. Will definitely have to try out the dry shampoo! Yeah brilliant I shall check your blog and YouTube page out! Thanks for the comment

    Love India xx