Sunday, March 17, 2013

Rimmel Apocalips and MUA shade 14

(not my own images)

So I dont own the best collection of lipsticks so thought I am going to change that and invest in a few new ones. 

First of all I got MUA shade 14 lipstick for a bargain price of £1. On the above pictures these two colours look very alike but once on its a different story! (I would show you pictures of me wearing them but sadly the quality of my iPhone camera doesn't do them justice. On this picture the lipstick looks more of a peach colour when actually it is a natural beige colour when on - it gives your lips a little but of colour with them still looking natural. The lasting power isn't excellent but what do you expect for a £1

Next I move onto the very much hyped about apocalips! I got mine in shade Luna - sadly I dont seem to suit bright looking lipsticks but maybe I just haven't found the right one. It is a genius product! Its like a lipstick and gloss rolled into one! When wearing this lip gloss it gives my lips a nice peachy colour without looking too bold/orange. I bought this product from Asda believe it or not and it only cost me £4 on an offer they had on. Might have to go back and purchase some more! got my eye on Celestial, anybody tried that? 

Also a total random question but can anyone recommend a good digital camera? I am after a rather big one that you see photography people  with and makes your photos look amaze - but also one without a ridiculous price tag? 

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  1. I love MUA Products, there such great quality! Really wanna try some apocalips for myself!! Great blog by the way sweetie x

  2. lovely blog, really lovely posts with great style!

  3. Great dupe, I need to check out mua products! Love rimmel apocalips

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  4. Sounds like good stuff! Also, about cameras, nikon makes really nice point and shoots for around $100. You can find them at Target, Walmart, etc.
    Jillian -

  5. I see the Rimmel Apocalips everywhere on blogs but they have yet to come out in the states! I really like the colors you picked out:)

    I use a Nikon Coolpix, it's extremely similar to the one here:

    You can look at the pics on my blog to get an idea of how pictures turn out. Hope that helps!
    xx M