Saturday, March 16, 2013

Oops I bought some MORE makeup!

Oops I went shopping and bought some more make-up  I only intended to buy a new foundation as I felt like a little change after using Rimmels Lasting finish for so long, so on my lunch hour the other day I spent a whole 30 minutes trying out different foundations. 

I was going to try Rimmels new wake me up foundation but heard a few mixed reviews on the coverage and lasting power, so instead I found myself hovering around the Max Factor stand. 

So the foundation I went for was Max Factors Age Elixir in shade 75 Golden! I know your probably thinking is that not too dark? but the one before it was Beige 55 and it was far too light. So when I got home I tried it and the colour was a perfect match! It is such a light feeling foundation and looks flawless when put on your skin. It also has a serum in it which is a added bonus! This foundation set me back £12.99 and can be purchased here - Max Factor Age Elixer I am really pleased with this foundation and looking forward to using it everyday. 

Next I decided I would try a Powder from yet again Max Factor called Creme Puff. I got the powder in colour Translucent. I am a powder virgin believe it or not, but thought I would give it whirl and am really happy with the results - I do need to invest in a powder brush though. You can purchase the powder here Max Factor Creme Puff

Max Factor glide and define liquid eye liner was the next item I purchased. When I first tried this I was not keen at all. It has a twisty lid and is a little like a felt pen. I gave it a good shake and when I put it on my eye it just seemed a really light colour and not like a black liquid liner. I felt like I had to keep going over the same bit for the black to show evenly. I did then try the liner again and it did work alot better than last night - so I am unsure if it just needed to be worn in a little bit. You can purchase the eye liner here - Glide & Define

Lastly due to my Benefit There Real mascara running out I thought Id best invest in a new one. Sadly I do not have a spare £18 to splash out on some mascara so instead I got Maybelline Rocket lashes mascara! I am not gonna lie I am totally loving the mascara and cant even tell the difference from the Benefit one I was wearing. Rocket Volume Mascara

All the Max Factor products were bought on a surprise surprise 3 for 2 offer so in the end I got the liquid liner free, so it wasn't that much of a loss.


  1. I am addicted to makeup. Love these products too.

    Autumn <3

  2. What a lovely products have you bought! Really love makeup myself too :)


  3. i love the mascaras by maybelline! ive done a review on my blog on the cat eyes!

    please check out my blog if you have the time?